Bejo has been an important supplier for the organic grower. The seeds for the organic customer are only subjected to organically certified physical treatments. The organic activities are coordinated by the Bejo Organic Business Unit. Contact your local Bejo representative or dealer for varietal information and availability of organic seed in your country.

Bejo’s Organic Seed Program
  • Scope: breeding, production, processing and sales of organic seed
  • Quality assurance: the same Bejo quality standards for conventional seed are applied to organic seed
  • Availability: Bejo quality organic seed for over 150 varieties in 40 species
  • Sales: market leader in organic seed of biennial vegetable varieties

Breeding, production, processing and sales

Organic breeding methods…
  • No protoplast fusion technique in organic:  in our Brassica breeding program all varieties in our organic seed program are developed on the basis of "self-incompatibility"
  • Organic breeding:  we assess the suitability of new crosses and parent-lines on trial fields on organic farms in many countries.
Processing to top quality seed…
  • Seed processing:  we eliminate seed borne diseases with steam or hot water treatment with the latest technology and state of the art equipment.
  • Organic processing unit: all organic seed processing such as coating, drying and packing is done at a dedicated organic processing unit to avoid the possibility of contamination.
  • Organic coating: we have purposely developed an organic white coating to facilitate sowing and to make seeds better visible in the soil after sowing.
Production of organic seeds...
  • Production areas: in those countries that have the most favourable climatic conditions such as: France, Italy, USA, New Zealand and the Netherlands.
  • Experience:  we have more than 20 years of experience in growing organic seed. Bejo has the experience and skilled people to achieve the best results with the highest possible seed quality.
Sales with a whole chain approach…
  • Organic sales team: we sell “organic seeds for professionals”. We have fully integrated our organic sales in our regular sales team assuring the latest technical knowledge and highest professional service to our customers.
  • Assortment: we stay in close contact with growers,  the food industry and multiple retailers to select an assortment with those varieties that help our growers to achieve the best possible results.

Bejo has been an important supplier for the organic grower


The webshop contains a  broad assortment of vegetable varieties in different species, neatly arranged for type and planting/maturity period. Seed can be ordered 24 hours a day with the knowledge of a quick delivery from the Bejo head office in The Netherlands.

From this season onwards, relatively smaller quantities of our organic seed can be purchased online for several Western Europe countries.

The webshop is designed specifically for smaller scale professional organic growers. Per country you will find a specially selected assortment of vegetable varieties in different species, neatly arranged for type and planting/maturity period.

Seed can be ordered 24 hours a day with the knowledge of a quick delivery from the Bejo head office in The Netherlands. The premium seed is certified according to EU regulation 834/2007 and also complies with Bejo’s high, and strict, quality standards.

Please visit the webshop for your country: