Looking for tasty, innovative vegetable concepts?

This year we will be presenting Delicioni, Coolwrap, Kohlrabi sticks and Snack carrot. These concepts and crops are Bejo Zaden's response to the growing demand for tasty and healthy vegetables that are convenient and easy to prepare. This year Bejo will also put the spotlight on organic seed at Fruit Logistica.
We invite you to see the concepts and crops and taste these vegetables with delicious bites prepared on the spot. And of course, we will be happy to discuss our products with you.




Snack carrot



  Snack Carrot
Two attractive product concepts that can stimulate cabbage consumption.

  A display of varieties with colour and flavour that will make a difference for the snack segment.

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Kohlrabi sticks

A bunch of purple sprouting broccoli    
As a fresh onionDelicioni is a highly interesting expansion to the assortment of storage onions and bunching onions considered traditional within the chain. 

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Our kohlrabi add a refined taste and health to the snack

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Celery sticks; a new item for the snack segment

In some countries it’s impossible to imagine supermarkets without celery sticks. The introduction of new varieties with long stems makes the production of celery sticks more interesting. A good example of a variety that is particularly suitable for this market segment is Balada. This variety also has long, smooth stems and can be readily industrially processed.

Balada of course also has an excellent flavour, so all in all a welcome addition to the healthy snack segment. New opportunities for the consumption of celery, which also makes an ideal picnic snack.

Krunchelly; Celery sticks
Taste • Health • Convenience

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