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This Cookie Statement explains how cookies are placed on the hard drive of your computer, tablet and/or mobile telephone (referred to below as: "peripherals") in order to log information. It also sets out the purposes for which the collected information is used. We therefore advise you to read this Cookie Statement carefully.


What are cookies?


Cookies are small text files that are sent to your browser when you visit this website and stored on your hard drive or in the memory of your peripherals. The browser is then able to send this information back the next time you visit the website. The cookies placed via this website cannot damage your peripherals or the files stored in them.


What type of cookies do we use, and for what purpose?

Cookie Function Functionally necessary
ASP.NET_SessionId System cookie for differentiating between various simultaneous users Yes
Login Information about the logged-in CMS user Yes
DW_Extranet Information about the logged-in Extranet user Yes
Favorites Information about the users' favourite pages within this website No
DynamicWeb This cookie is used to follow the visitor through our site so that we can gather statistics to improve it. No
Dynamicweb:Ecom:Cart[user id] This cookie is used to link your shopping basket to your current session. Yes
Dynamicweb:Ecom:LastCart[user id] Information about the most recently filled shopping cart; this cookie is used in the ordering process Yes
Dynamicweb.ForumV2 This cookie is used to record which forum articles the user has already read. Yes
Personalize Information about the news messages pinned by the user No
DWpoll Information about the policy already filled in by the user Yes
DW_Survey_Participant_ID User identification for the surveys (for extranet users only) Yes
DW_Survey_Anonymus_Participant_ID   User identification for the surveys, used for anonymous surveys Yes
__umta - __umtz This cookie is used for and by Google Analytics No
cc_cookie_accept This cookie is used to register that the user has accepted the use of cookies. That eliminates the need to ask this question for every visit. Yes
cc_cookie_decline This cookie is used to register that the user has not accepted the use of cookies. That eliminates the need to ask this question for every visit. Yes


Bejo cookies

Bejo places functional cookies itself and also reads their data itself. No other parties are involved in this. These are what are known as first-party cookies. The cookies are needed to provide the service you have requested. Our site would not function properly without them. Functional cookies ensure, for example, that after logging in at the website you do not have to log in again for each page and remember the products that you have placed in your shopping cart and the information entered in the website's forms (including order forms). As well as functional cookies, Bejo places cookies that are only stored on your peripherals for a limited amount of time. These cookies are automatically deleted as soon as you close the web browser. These session cookies are used to track your surfing behaviour on the website during a certain visit. Bejo uses this information to adapt the website to the needs of the visitors.

Bejo also places cookies that remain on your peripherals for a longer period of time. These permanent cookies are used to recognise your peripherals the next time you visit the website. These cookies make it possible for Bejo to show you the website that has been specifically tailored to your preferences. Since your preferences have already been configured, you save time during a new visit to the site, which makes it easier to use. Bejo also uses permanent cookies to track your surfing behaviour. Bejo uses these tracking cookies to register your surfing behaviour on the website and to make you offers based specifically on that behaviour. It is also possible for tracking cookies to register which Bejo sites you visit in addition to this one. Bejo uses this information to display advertisements specifically tailored to your requirements.

Reading data without cookies

As well as placing cookies, Bejo reads data from your browser and peripherals without placing a cookie. This way Bejo gathers the (technical) properties of your peripherals and the software you use, such as the operating system, the browser settings, installed plugins, time zone and screen resolution. Bejo uses this information to track your surfing behaviour, but also to ensure that the site works properly on your peripherals and software.

Third-party cookies

Apart from the cookies that Bejo itself places and the reading of peripherals data, what are known as third-party cookies are also placed on your peripherals. Bejo has no control or right of say concerning the use of these cookies and/or how third-parties use the information collected with those cookies. All that Bejo does is to offer the platform that makes it possible for these third-party cookies to be placed. It should be noted that the
further conditions of the third-parties may be applicable to the use of the information collected. The types of third-party cookie that are placed via the website are set out below.

Google Analytics

Bejo uses Google Analytics to collect webs statistics concerning the use of and visits to the website. Google Analytics places a permanent cookie on your peripherals to register your use of the website. This information is then analysed by Google and the results are issued to Bejo. This gives Bejo an insight into how the website is used and is able on that basis to make any necessary changes to its website or service. Google may issue this information to third-parties if legally obliged to do so and/or if thirdparties process the information on Google's behalf. Google can decide whether or not to use the information for other Google services.

Deleting cookies

You can always withdraw your permission for Bejo to place and read first and third party cookies by configuring your browser in such a way that it does not accept any cookies and/or delete cookies that have already been placed in your browser. How to remove cookies will be explained in your internet browser manual. You should however bear in mind that deleting cookies may result in certain parts of the website no longer working or working properly.

Privacy Statement

It is possible that the information collected or otherwise read will contain personal data. If that is the case, the processing of that personal data is also subject to the Privacy Statement of Bejo, which can be read here.


This Cookie Statement is subject to amendment at all times. Amendments to this Cookie Statement will be announced on the website.


Should you have any questions about this Cookie Statement you can send an email to Information about the use of cookies can also be found at the website of the Consumentenbond (Dutch consumers’ organisation), for example.

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