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Bejo has obtained breeder’s rights on its first True Potato Seed (TPS) variety. This new potato hybrid, Oliver F1, can be cultivated directly from botanical seed and, after transplanting, produces table potatoes in one season. Oliver F1 is a slightly floury table potato with an oval shape, a beautiful smooth skin and a very good flavour.

Last week Bejo participated at the Nordrhein-Westfalen stand at world’s largest organic fair, BIOFACH. 50.000 people, out of 134 different countries, visited BIOFACH in combination with VIVANESS, International Tradefair for natural cosmetics.

Bejo’s lettuce assortment was well received during Fruit Logistica with international visitors informed about the latest developments in Bejo’s lettuce portfolio including; iceberg, Batavia, butterhead, babyleaf and a couple of varieties with the right resistances, suitable for the diverse market. Information was also given about all Bejo lettuce activities including the breeding program, trials and demo fields.

At Fruit Logistica, Bejo organised a dinner event called 'Explore Bejo's taste', aimed at inspiring and connecting with its international chain partners. The culinary networking event devoted extensive attention to the possibilities posed by the open field vegetables in which Bejo operates. The approximately 100 participants enjoyed a very special experience. Particularly thanks to the cooperation of Angélique Schmeinck, one of the two female Dutch master chefs. With her trademark ‘food paintings’, she managed to inspire the audience in a unique way.

Bejo joins the Horti Asia as part of the Dutch Pavilion, stand E7, to demonstrate the potential of top quality hybrid seed for the South East Asian market. In particular, the potential of tropical shallots from seed will be highlighted during Horti Asia at the conference on Thursday 16th of March at 11am by Luc Driessen, Area Business Manager Asia.

Start your day right and tasty, while being informed about the latest organic market developments and the importance of organic seed from the best varieties as the base of a sustainable and healthy food chain.

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