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‘A fresh look at lettuce’ also at Fruit Logistica

Bejo’s lettuce assortment was well received during Fruit Logistica with international visitors informed about the latest developments in Bejo’s lettuce portfolio including; iceberg, Batavia, butterhead, babyleaf and a couple of varieties with the right resistances, suitable for the diverse market. Information was also given about all Bejo lettuce activities including the breeding program, trials and demo fields.

Delicious, Delicioni

The new fresh onion concept Delicioni from Bejo attracted a lot of attention at Fruit Logistica. “As a fresh onion, Delicioni, with a powerful flavour, is a highly interesting addition to the assortment of storage onions and bunching onions and is easy to prepare by consumers. Visitors of the stand could taste Delicioni in combination with radicchio. Our partners in the chain were informed about the cultivation method, varieties among the Delicioni concept and the marketing involved,” says Christine Jong, area manager West-Europa.

Kohrispy, convenient kohlrabi snacks

“Visitors to our stand were able to try Kohrispy kohlrabi snacks, which included sticks, cubes, julienne and noodles made from the very tasty variety Konan. It was great to see the positive reactions from visitors who tasted these. Although Kohlrabi is not a new vegetable, it isn’t commonly known, especially in its raw and fresh state,” says Robert Schilder, sales manager Benelux & Scandinavia. Kohlrabi generated interesting discussions with growers, wholesalers and retailers about the possibilities of kohlrabi and Bejo’s varieties Konan, Kossak and Kolibri. Organic – RIGHT from the START: there isn’t a better start!

Fruit Logistica is a platform for Bejo to meet partners within the chain, aiming to inspire them with crops, processing and consumer innovations. Cool carrot candy [several colours snack carrot], Coolwrap and the newest organic assortment were received with great interest. The organic breakfast on Friday was good “RIGHT from the start”, while Bram Weijland, coordinator organic affairs, prompted a discussion about the importance of using organic seed. All in all, a good and healthy start to the day!

'Explore Bejo's taste' provides a special experience

During Fruit Logistica, Bejo organised a dinner event called 'Explore Bejo's taste', aimed at inspiring and connecting with its international industry partners. The culinary networking event explored the possibilities posed by open field vegetables in which Bejo operates. Around 100 visitors enjoyed the evening which also provided a great opportunity for networking within the industry. The contribution from Angélique Schmeinck, one of the two female Dutch master chefs was greatly received and appreciated, as with her trademark ‘food paintings’, she managed to inspire the audience in a unique way.

The attendees from various European countries and the US enjoyed an excellent networking evening. Chain specialist Carmen Mäder, Bejo Germany, looked back on a successful evening: ‘Our goal to bring various international partners from the chain, from grower to retailer, together and put them in contact with each other was achieved. Angélique Schmeinck’s exceptional contribution was much talked about.' 


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