The first 100% male purple asparagus in the world. Sweet taste, to be eaten raw or stir fried.A unique purple 100% male hybrid variety. Excellent quality spears with good tip closure and high yield. Erasmus is the worlds first 100% male purple variety. It has excellent shape, uniformity and quality spears with an intense purple colour. It is an early variety with very high over all yields. It has excellent tip closure and is a very vigorous variety. To avoid lodging, Erasmus must be ridged up to increase longevity of the crop. Compared to mixed flowering purple varieties it is much stronger and less likely to snap if lodging does occur. Recommended planting density: 5-6 plants per meterDue to is sweet flavour and tender bite, Erasmus is an excellent variety to be used fresh and unpeeled in salads, stir fry’s and on the barbeque. It is best left uncooked in order to keep the bold purple colour, which can be lost during the cooking process.

Type Crop INT
Intermediate areas

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