Prius is the earliest 100% male variety for white in Northern Europe at the moment. In the many trials we have done for green production it has also shown to be excellent for its extreme earliness. It shows great uniform spears and high total yeilds. It's a good variety to start under poly tunnels making it a good option for extending the UK season. Tip closure and spear size is much bigger than market leader and therefore the advice is to transplant at least 1-2 plants more per meter. Prius has strong upright, heathy foliage. Recommended planting density: 4 - 6

Type Crop INT
Cold areas

Varieties perform differently under different climatic conditions, and are usually only suitable for specific markets. For more elaborate information about this variety in a specific market, visit the assortments on our country websites, via Our local crop specialists are happy to give additional tailor-made advise.