BioFach 2017: Organic Mini-Symposium

At the BioFach tradefair Bejo organized a very inspiring mini-symposium with the working title: “Organic, Right from the Start”. We were honoured to welcome: Mr. Gerjan Snippe of Biobrass (Netherlands) and Mrs Anne Schröder-Burkhardt of Westhof-Bio (Germany) as our guest speakers.

Gerjan Snippe: “Sustainability goes beyond organic farming alone, and an efficiently harmonised chain is the basis for a logical process flow”.

Both speakers presented their vision on the importance of closing the organic chain and what it requires to make the whole cycle organic, from seed to mouth. Larger operations need to have fitting sustainable solutions for the use of energy and processing of waste. Mrs. Anne Schröder-Burkhardt explained to the audience what the Westhof-bio concept really means in terms of added sustainability. 

Already in the early nineties Bejo Zaden took a big step, as one of the first seed companies, to give organic seed a full-fledged position in its business model. A tremendous cross-pollination was the result. On the one side does the organic program brings inspiration and fresh ideas for our conventional business while on the other side we have used our broad experience and knowledge of the seed sector to develop and position organic seed in the organic sector. 

By working this way we have access to a wide range of genetic material and the latest breeding techniques well suited to our organic program. These techniques we use to further develop our organic assortment, for the production of the highest quality organic seed and for other innovations in the program. 

With organic seed from the best varieties we stand together at the base of a sustainable and healthy food chain, RIGHT from the START