High yielding, continental Nantes with roots of exceptional quality. Very uniform, showing strength against breakage. Very smooth, middle long cylindric roots. Strong green, healthy and green leaves. For all continental climate subtypes. Smooth, bright coloured roots of exceptional quality. Natuna is mid-season maturing with vigorous, healthy tops. Shows good strength against breaking and splitting. This variety should not be sown before 1st April. Approximately 117 days from sowing to maturity.

Growing Days Sowing INT
Resistance Intermediate INT
Ad / Ar / Cc / Ps, Pv

Varieties perform differently under different climatic conditions, and are usually only suitable for specific markets. For more elaborate information about this variety in a specific market, visit the assortments on our country websites, via www.bejo.com/countries. Our local crop specialists are happy to give additional tailor-made advise.