In our assortment we offer a broad range of varieties for open field crops, including a growing selection for our organic program. New introductions become available annually for different climate zones around the world.

Cavolo cappuccio bianco


As a true brassica seed specialist we offer an extensive range of strong varieties in cabbage (white, red, savoy, Chinese, pointed headed, winter), kohlrabi, kale, broccoli, sprouting broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and romanesco, suitable for different climatic conditions and market purposes. The varieties enables growers to answer the demands of the fresh market, (processing) industry and supermarkets. Yield, winter hardiness, colour, quality of the head, uniformity, health in the field and shelf life are all examples of important breeding criteria. For this reason, our breeders constantly test and assess new varieties. High priority is also given to nutritional contents that are beneficial to health, including glucosinolates.

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Carrots Natuna

Rooted Crops

We work with great enthusiasm on the breeding of rooted crops, such as carrots, red & coloured beets, asparagus, fennel, rooted parsley, celeriac, celery and radish.

To achieve ambitious breeding goals, our breeders are doing trials in the major growing areas worldwide. The result: new promising hybrids with excellent quality, taste and yield. A solid range of varieties in all carrot types, suitable for application in both the fresh market and the processing industry, is available. 

During the product development phase we concentrate on the wishes of all parties in the food chain, from growers to consumers. Resistance to disease, foliage quality, production, uniformity, shape, colour, smoothness and shelf life are all examples of properties used by our breeders during the stringent selection process. Our global breeding programme also pays great attention to the post-processing yield, internal colour, flavour and nutritional contents.

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Onion world yellow


Bejo invests heavily in onion breeding. Our extensive range of varieties contains yellow, white and red onions, specifically suitable to different day lengths and climate zones. In addition, our range comprises the most important varieties grown worldwide. Together with De Groot en Slot B.V. we are working on an even better assortment, to meet the demands placed by growers, processors and consumers. Disease and pest resistance is naturally given top priority. The investments made in this area have produced interesting results. We were the very first breeding company to introduce mildew resistant onion varieties to the market! In addition, we offer a wide range of organic seed onions.

Next to our onion programme we breed for shallot varieties. Our shallot varieties are unique in the world because they can be grown straight from seed. This guarantees a virus free start. Our leek breeding programme has not been without results! We have successfully developed many promising new hybrids that have proven their worth in practice.

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Fruit Crops

Bejo specialises in breeding tomatoes, peppers, gherkins, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplants and watermelons – for both open field and protected culture – for specific segments in North and South America, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The current commercial assortment comprises more than 40 varieties, and new ones are continually added. Bejo keeps in close contact with specialised growers. This way, the company is able to introduce new varieties with key characteristics, such as yield, resistances, and suitability to local climates, to suit the customers’ needs and wishes.

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Leafy Crops

Our breeding programme in leafy crops contains among others varieties in crops like lettuce, radicchio, endive, baby leaves and corn salad. Also some herbs are included.

Bejo made an enthusiastic start with lettuce as a new crop in their assortment. Our lettuce experts and breeders/researchers have joined forces to work on the first new additions to our lettuce range. We show the commitment in all the activities Bejo has started and the energy and resources we are investing in research. As a result, the current assortment in lettuce metes the disease requirements for Europe extremely well.

Bejo leads the way when it comes to breeding radicchio. We know all the ins and outs of the market for this specialist product and offer a range of premium quality hybrids. By cultivating our varieties in various regions, a year round supply of radicchio is possible. We are happy to provide advice and guidance. Radicchio is originally known as Italian chicory in reference to its Italian origins. It is rapidly gaining in popularity in other parts of the world. This marvellous vegetable with its unique ruby leaves adds colour and zest to many dishes. It is also frequently used to make mixed salads even more visually appealing.

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