Sharing knowledge about Bejo varieties with our colleagues and customers is vital. We are promoting our newest and recently launched varieties via our EXPerience app. You are able to find variety information and you can add your personal notes

as well.

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Experience App Search function

All varieties are nicely grouped per category:


  • New varieties: What’s new on the demo fields
  • Demo fields: Conventional & organic varieties
  • Fruit crops: Gherkin, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers & eggplant
  • Demo sandy soil: Carrot, rooted parsley & Parsnips
  • Onion Presentation: Display of onion varieties

Next to all variety information, you can read our latest news articles, our Bejo story ‘Exploring nature never stops’, Cropalyser and a direct contact to all our Bejo companies around the world.

Experience App Search function

Download EXPerience app to explore our varieties!

How to use the app?

In the first grey line, there is a search function, which you can use to search for a certain variety.

Menu ‘new varieties / demo fields’ > if you press on this button you can choose for the conventional or organic demo field in the top grey banner. Example: Press on Demofield 1 Leek > all Leek varieties; if you select a variety you are able to see the variety information and a field ‘remarks’. In this field you can make your own notes, they will be automatically saved!

Menu fruit crops, demo sandy soil and onion presentation > per row/field (still mentioned as demofield) you can see the varieties and select them when you would like to know more.

Download Experience App

The new experience!