Parthenocarpic variety for indoor early production under plastic tunnel and glasshouses. Performs very well in the summer, during hot and stressful conditions, due to its strong root system. Besides the earliness is the total yield spectacular high. Plants are vigorous with good regeneration capacity with medium-short internodes. Easy fruit setting. Predominantly 2-3 fruits per node. The fruits have a uniform fine spine presence. The fruit color is uniform shiny dark green. Fruits are nice cylindrical, round shaped with a very good shelf life.

Type crop: 
Resistance HR: 
Ccu /
Resistance IR: 
Pcu /

Varieties perform differently under different climatic conditions, and are usually only suitable for specific markets. For more elaborate information about this variety in a specific market, visit the assortments on our country websites, via www.bejo.com/countries. Our local crop specialists are happy to give additional tailor-made advise.