Growing in plastic tunnels and greenhouse mainly. Variety designate for late winter, very early spring growing period. Plants growing type (bushy with shoots site) like Artist but more stronger roots system and stronger vigor. Plants are suitable for growing in the ground, even for more tired soil as well as for mineral wool. Fruits bit longer, than Artist, with dark green uniform color and shiny. Avion gives 1-3 very cylindrical shape fruits per knot with well round ended top. Warts more prominent and uniform than varieties Gunnar/Bjorn. Fruits of this variety are suitable for fresh market. Parthenoncarpic, spined. Growing days: 74. HR: Ccu; CMV. IR: Pcu; Px.

Type crop: 
Resistance HR: 
Ccu /
Resistance IR: 

Varieties perform differently under different climatic conditions, and are usually only suitable for specific markets. For more elaborate information about this variety in a specific market, visit the assortments on our country websites, via www.bejo.com/countries. Our local crop specialists are happy to give additional tailor-made advise.