The varieties of Bejo are distinctive in terms of their taste, colour and growing performance. These characteristics lend themselves to innovative applications for commercial crop production, processing, and end-user eating experience. In a global effort to increase vegetable consumption for a healthier future, Bejo presents a number of fresh vegetable concepts and brands to inspire the food chain. Redi® purple sprouting broccoli, Coolwrap® cabbage, Goldies™ onions, and Tasti Lee® tomato are just a few examples of Bejo’s fresh look at the retail food industry.

Close relationships with growers of fresh produce and intensive contact with industrial processors, traders and supermarket chains allow us to translate the wishes of the food chain into unique varieties with added value. Feedback from our global network of Bejo companies and dedicated distributors keeps us continually updated about the latest trends and developments.


Coolwrap is a concept based on a square cabbage leaf from specifically selected flat white cabbage varieties with a mild flavour. These leaves can be used as a wrap, for sushi or as part of a healthy sandwich.

Coolwrap recipes

Snack wortelen

Snack Carrot

A display of varieties with colour and flavour that will make a difference for the snack segment

The demand for healthy snacks is increasing. Carrots make a healthy and tasty snack for every moment of the day. Bejo will be displaying varieties in this snack segment that can make a difference on account of their colour and flavour. Bejo’s varieties Rainbow, Ibiza, Nerja, Mokum, Namdal and Interceptor have been specially selected. 

Delicioni fresh onion


As a fresh onion, Delicioni is a highly interesting expansion to the assortment of storage onions and bunching onions considered traditional within the chain. 

The bulb of the fresh onion is particularly juicy and has a powerful flavour. The stems are very decorative and tasty too. Delicioni is attractively presented in a bunch of three with various colours. Thanks to this colour range, the fresh onion presents beautifully on both plates and shelves. The juicy and crunchy bite and the powerful flavour make this onion a wonderful companion for salads and grilling.


Koolrabi sticks - Kohrispy


Kohlrabi, is a vegetable mainly popular in Germany. It has high vitamin C and anti-oxidant content. This perfectly aligns the product to the current food trends. Kohlrabi is traditionally boiled first. 


Within the concept theme Taste-Health-Convenience, Bejo developed new, tasty varieties, such as Konan and the purple Kolibri, which are very suitable for eating raw. The flesh of the Kohlrabi bulb is juicy and crunchy, with a mild, melon-like fragrance and a mild, sweet flavour. Cut Kohlrabi does not discolour, which is why the product is excellent as a ready-made product, such as the snack stick that Bejo introduces.



In some countries it’s impossible to imagine supermarkets without celery sticks. The introduction of new varieties with long stems makes the production of celery sticks more interesting. A good example of a variety that is particularly suitable for this market segment is Balada. This variety also has long, smooth stems and can be readily industrially processed. 

Balada of course also has an excellent flavour, so all in all a welcome addition to the healthy snack segment. New opportunities for the consumption of celery, which also makes an ideal picnic snack. 


Tasti Lee®


Tasti-Lee® is a new, naturally-developed tomato brand that brings significant improvements to health, flavor, and freshness in grocery store tomatoes.

Tasti-Lee® Tomatoes are vine-ripened tomatoes – just as Mother Nature intended.


Sprouting broccoli Santee

Purple sprouting broccoli

Extremely healthy, unique taste and a striking appearance: that characterizes our Purple sprouting broccoli. This special crop was nominated for the Innovation Award 2012.

Thanks to the high levels of naturally occurring glucosinolate compounds, Purple sprouting broccoli is extremely healthy too.

Curly Kale

Curly kale, also called borecole (a word derived from its Dutch name ‘boerenkool’), is the latest trend right now. In some countries they immediately associate curly kale with traditional mashed potatoes and kale with sausage.

But now the image has been revolutionised. Curly kale has high nutritional values, which lies perfectly in line with the current consumer trend. Contemporary consumers are mainly using kale in salads and smoothies. It is also popular grilled on the barbecue or processed into crispy chips.

Shallots from seed

Shallots have a refined sweet but punchy taste and add flavour to many dishes. Shallots are a rich source of Vitamin A, B, C and E. In France, shallots are already well-known as a high-quality ingredient. In other countries, there are plenty of opportunities in the shallot segment.

Growers using shallot seed from Bejo are provided with healthy propagating material, which is the ideal start for shallot production. Shallots grown from seed can be marketed officially as shallots anywhere in Europe.

Purple Power - Attractive vegetables with a high level of nutrients

Purple vegetable varieties are not only characterised by their beautiful colour but also by the high levels of vitamins and antioxidants that they contain, giving them important health benefits.

Varieties such as our purple sprouting broccoli BE 3047, which contains more than 10 times the level of antioxidants in traditional broccoli. Additionally, our red beet Manzu and carrot Purple Sun are both full of vitamins and minerals that give your body a healthy boost.


Find more information in our vegetable concept leaflets