As an international producer of vegetable seeds investing in apiculture is in the company’s own interest. We need healthy bee colonies to safeguard natural pollination on our production fields, now and in the future. We keep our own bees and are internationally active in bee breeding and research. Alongside better vegetable varieties, we also work to improve bee colonies.v

On the other hand, Bejo also invests in bees out of a sense of social commitment. Bejo values a healthy environment and sustainable use of natural resources. With that in mind, we work to discover the best ways to use natural pollination and to improve the health of our bees.

Food for bees and other insects

When our bees finish their pollination work, they need to bring back a variety of pollen types to provide protein for the brood and restore the colony’s strength. Pollen is the one thing our beekeepers are unable to add to their feed; the bees have to collect it themselves. Every year we sow green manure crops and flowering plants, offering pollen and nectar. We do this on fallow land and field margins. Bejo plants a diverse range of flowers that attract bees as well as other insects, including hoverflies. The plants provide food not only for our pollinators but also for other types of insects that live in these areas

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