Leading vegetable seed breeders, Bejo from the Netherlands and Elsoms Seeds from the UK have agreed new plans for the development and distribution on a range of their crops, as per September 1st 2022.

Elsoms Seeds will expand their breeding, seed production and processing of coriander, parsley, turnip, chard, cutting celery, swede, sprouting broccoli and spring green. Elsoms will take over global sales and distribution, except for swede, sprouting broccoli and spring green of which Bejo will remain the exclusive international distributor.

This change allows both companies to focus on their strengths and core activities, ensuring customers can be better served now and for the future. For the Brussels sprouts program there still was a collaboration, Bejo has now taken over this program completely which strengthens their strategy of being market leader for brassica crops.


Bejo and Elsoms will continue to combine forces to promote Redi® the special purple sprouting broccoli. This product has taken off well in the UK, Spain, and the Netherlands and will be available in more markets soon.

“This is a great opportunity for Elsoms to look further than just in the UK for its vegetable seed marketing”, says Roger Keeling, chairman of Elsoms Seeds. “We are extremely excited to be able to seek opportunities with these crops and to extend our work. We will ensure that customers who have traditionally purchased these products from Bejo will continue to experience high service levels.”

Martin van der Voort, sales and marketing director Bejo adds: ‘Bejo and Elsoms have a long standing relationship. This change will give both companies new opportunities. With this new strategy we make another important step in strengthening our focus on the brassica crops’.