Vegi bowls are hip! Millennials are choosing tasty and healthy options. During the Fruit Logistica 2020 in Berlin, Bejo presents contemporary, tasty and healthy Bejo vegi bowls. Tasty, Healthy and Purple Power bowls will be presented during the event. With matching varieties for every bowl of course: the Bejo tasty bowl contains Bejo's snack varieties in carrot, kohlrabi, radish, celery, onion and white cabbage. Together, they deliver a true taste sensation.

Redi, discover a new sensation

Redi is a concept for Purple Sprouting Broccoli which combines healthy ingredients in an original way with an extraordinary taste. Compared to market alternatives, Redi has a softer texture and offers a more refined taste. To promote Redi, Bejo aims to cooperate with the chain and - especially - retailers. For inspiration a promotion line has been created, which includes sustainable packaging among other things. Several category managers have shown their interest, but chefs are also charmed by Redi.

Purple Power, a boost for your health

Bejo's Purple Power concept shows purple vegetables with a high content of nutrients. The range includes Erasmus, the world’s first 100% male purple asparagus variety. Erasmus offers a sweet taste and is excellent for raw consumption. It will be positioned as a salad asparagus, but Erasmus is also very suitable for stir-frying or barbecuing. Attention will also be given to white, green and green anthocyanin-free asparagus with the theme ‘colorful taste asparagus’. The aim of the promotion is to convince the contemporary consumer about asparagus. Bejo invites those who are interested in the pitch ‘we colour up your asparagus sales’. The pitch will take place daily at 11 AM at our stand. Don’t miss this opportunity to see and taste our new introductions!

Bejo’s organic assortment grows ever stronger

The demand for organic seeds is still growing. Bejo has further expanded her organic assortment. Varieties have been added in leek and lettuce. Onion sets are now available organically as well. With these additions to the organic assortment, Bejo offers growers the possibility to further sustain their cultivation from the seed: organic – RIGHT from the START.


Besides the introduction of Bejo bowls, Redi and Purple, our previously introduced innovative concepts also inspire the vegetable chain. Coolwrap is already known by many and is currently available in supermarkets. It’s a nice example of a concept which offers new options for usability and more recipes for the use of a special white cabbage. Furthermore, Kohrispy kohlrabi snacks, Krunchelly celery sticks, Purple Power sprouting broccoli and red beet Manzu will be shown at our stand.


A team of specialists will be waiting to share our expertise with you at stand B-16 in Hall 1.2. Come visit us to hear about the latest market and product developments and to find out how our concepts and varieties can add value to your vegetable growing operation.

Exploring nature never stops


* We breed only 100% male varieties, which do not develop berries in the foliage growth period. This means that all energy accumulated in the foliage is returned to the roots, which leads to higher yield in the following harvest season.

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