For some time now, there has been a need in the market to be able to visually distinguish our organic and non-chemically treated seed. And now the time has come!

New colour
As of September 2020, Bejo has introduced a new organic coating with a yellowish colour. Our non-chemically treated seed remains white, so that both can now be clearly distinguished from each other.

Improved coating
In line with our conventional seed, we will transition both the new yellowish organic coating and the white non-chemically treated coating to our new sustainable coating recipe (as communicated in September 2018). This sustainable coating is made of natural materials that decompose completely. It also has a shorter drying time, which helps to preserve the seed’s vitality and cuts energy use. The new coating is approved by the organic certification bodies.

To make this transition Bejo had to invest in complete new coating machinery. The coating reacts slightly differently per crop, so we did extensive testing on the right machine settings in applying and drying to achieve the correct results and to deliver the desired Bejo quality. This process is carefully and successfully executed in close collaboration with our research department and suppliers.The production of organic seeds with the new coating will start in September 2020. During the phaseout period, customers may receive organic seed with a white or yellowish coating until December 2022.

Seed coating
The advantage of seed coating in general is that it ensures a smoother seed surface and less dust development from the seed, resulting in improved sowability. A coloured coating also makes the seed more visible in the soil.

Bejo organic seed and non-chemically treated seed are both premium-quality products. These seeds have undergone highly advanced cleaning, sizing and physical treatment processes. They provide growers with the best starting material for cultivating healthy crops in a sustainable way and ensure reliable harvests.