As a leading breeder of vegetable seeds, Bejo is continually looking for ways to remain innovative. Our dedicated researchers and breeders work hard to develop new varieties with improved characteristics.  Using modern cleaning and processing techniques, along with the most up to date equipment, we can ensure our customers receive only our best quality seeds. Bejo is now proud to introduce the result of our most recent innovation – a seed coating made of sustainable materials.

Coating gives seeds a smoother surface, improving ease of sowing. And added colour makes them easier to see in the soil. So the quality of coating is important for growers. Bejo has been seeking a more sustainable coating and has now found a formula composed of natural materials. This means that the coating will decompose completely. The new coating also has a much shorter drying time 5 minutes instead of 15. This helps to preserve the vitality of the seed. It also cuts energy use, lightening the burden on the environment. Depending on law and regulations, active substances can be added to the coating to help protect the seed in the first stage of life.

We will introduce the new coating in stages, and use it already on beetroot seeds. Once intensive testing has been completed we expect to introduce it for other crops, beginning with carrot, onion and spinach. The coating liquid is fully approved by SKAL and is on the organisation’s list of products permitted for use in organic culture. Preparations are in place to apply the new coating on our organic assortment and we expect to be able to do so as from September 2019, and eventually this range will have its own distinguishing colour.