Bejo Open Days for growers and chain partners

Every year, vegetable growers and chain partners from all over the world travel to the Netherlands to visit the Bejo Open Days in Warmenhuizen. This year’s event is taking place from Tuesday 26 September until Saturday 30 September. You will get a chance to find out all about the new Bejo varieties, and there will be plenty of opportunities to discuss possibilities and challenges in the market.

Discover new varieties 
New insights from customers, business contacts and the market enable us to develop new vegetable varieties and improve existing ones, so growers all over the world can harvest healthy, tasty vegetables. A range of promising new varieties including the following will be on display at the Open Days:

  • Pointed cabbage (Bejo 3518), a good storable variety with a nice closed top. This healthy cabbage has good standing ability in the field and retains its bright green colour after storage.
  • Carla celeriac (Bejo 3538), a round, smooth celeriac with low root attachment, easy to harvest, with good internal quality. Highly suitable for the fresh market (1kg) and long storage.
  • Rhizu red beet (Bejo 3557), a Pablo type with intermediate resistance to rhizomania (IR: BNYVV). This beautifully round variety produces beets with a uniform shape that respond very well to high-density sowings.
  • Nagasaki carrot, a nice cylindrical variety suited to an early sowing window. Smooth and strong against green shoulders, with excellent tops and good standing ability in the field.
  • Cherice iceberg, a new spring variety for Northern Europe suited to an early sowing window, with high resistance to Bremia (Bl: 29-40EU).

Endive in the spotlight
We will introduce three new endive varieties at the Open Days: the curly types Bejo 3581 (autumn) and Bejo 3582 (early winter) and the smooth type Bejo 3222. These new varieties are primarily aimed at the French, Italian and Spanish markets and highly suitable for the fresh market and the processing industry. Their launch completes our assortment of leafy crops, raising our profile as a salad producer and knowledge partner. Bejo: for all your salad needs!

Join a Seed Quality Tour or a Research Tour
A strong variety starts with good genetics. Find out how resistance breeding works on the Research Tour. And on the Seed Quality Tour, you can follow the journey of testing, cleaning, upgrading and enhancement that all Bejo seeds pass through before going out as top-quality products to growers all over the world.

Vegetable concepts and greenhouses
We will also be showcasing our vegetable concepts, all developed for optimum taste, health and user convenience. Don't miss Redi® purple sprouting broccoli, for example. And our comprehensive range of new pointed cabbage varieties will inspire growers and chain partners to try out different uses for this versatile vegetable. You can also discover a diverse array of innovative fruit crops, including tomatoes, peppers and gherkins, in a designated tunnel.

Demo fields, trials and demonstrations
Our conventional and organic varieties will be on view in the demo fields. There, you can see an ongoing trial using natural enemies to control thrips in leek, plus a drip fertigation demo and a mechanical harvest demo in the cabbage demo fields. A number of agricultural machinery companies will be on hand to present and demonstrate the latest innovations in sustainable farming. These include an autonomous robotic weed control system for moderately structured environments with considerable crop variability, which fits perfectly into precision horticulture.

Bees and Bejo: natural partners
Beekeepers will explain the importance of bees and discuss Bejo’s activities in bee breeding and health. Bejo invests in bees to safeguard natural pollination by healthy colonies on production fields and out of a concern for nature.

Discover Bejo careers
Bejo offers a rich range of career opportunities and invites jobseekers to discover their opportunities at Bejo within different career fields, such as Cultivation & Agribusiness, Research & Innovation, Operations & Supply Chain, and Finance, IT & Office. They are welcome to sign up at for an informal chat with one of the HR team members at the Open Days.

Don't miss the Bejo Experience app
The Bejo Experience app provides useful information for Open Days visitors, such as the location of various varieties in the demo fields. It is available from the Apple and Android stores.

Where and when
The Bejo Open Days for customers and business contacts will take place from Tuesday 26 September to Friday 29 September. On Saturday 30 September, family members and neighbours are invited to visit and discover Bejo. As usual, the Open Days will take place at Trambaan 2 in Warmenhuizen, the Netherlands.