Boost your knowledge at ‘Exploring Bejo’s World’, the first multiple day virtual event organized by seed company Bejo. Bejo aims to share knowledge in the best possible way and is always looking for new methods to achieve this.

The idea to organize a completely virtual event existed for a while, but the challenging recent period (in which it was not possible to organize the Bejo Open Days as usual for example) has speeded up the developments. Exploring Bejo’s World will take place from Monday November 15th until Wednesday November 17th. The program will be packed with live webinars by experts from the sector and educational movies.

Furthermore, there will be sufficient time to have online discussions with the presenters and Bejo’s crop experts. Topics that will be presented are (among others) de possibilities of robotics, organic seed production, seed quality and resistance breeding. Some of the main Bejo crops (onion, red beet and carrot for example) will be discussed as well.

It will be possible to attend free of charge. Further communication about the program and information on how to participate will follow soon.

Exploring Bejo's World