At Bejo, we play an important role in vegetable production every day. We understand the value of healthy soil and natural resources, and we believe in treating them with care. We know how important sustainability is to meet our food production needs for current and future generations.

Guided by research, Bejo has been committed to using non-chemical treatments for years. We are driven to find innovative, sustainable solutions in our processes, and to explore techniques that stimulate the intrinsic power of the seed. In doing so, we aim to provide growers with the best starting material for cultivating healthy crops which ensure reliable, sustainable harvests.

With these developments we have felt the need to review our product forms. Moving forward we will position our Bejo Naturally Cleaned and Coated (NCC) seed (formerly known as Not-Chemically Treated seed) as our basic product. Considerable effort has been made to clean this seed in a natural way and to offer protection without the use of chemicals. This makes this premium product suitable for all cultivation systems with no, or minimal use of chemicals.

Bejo will continue to keep chemical coatings available to customers when allowed and when asked for. A chemical coating contains a minimal quantity of crop protection products that serves to protect the seedling against fungi in the soil. With these coatings, growers can use significantly less crop protection products in the first weeks after seed emergence, in comparison with granules or field spraying.We offer this seed as Bejo Cleaned and Coated (CC) seed. CC seed is, like NCC seed, also naturally cleaned, but chemical crop protection is added to the coating.

And then there is Bejo Organic Seed (OS), which is organically produced, naturally cleaned and coated, and approved by the organic certification bodies.




Bejo naturally cleaned and coated seed (NCC)

  • conventionally produced seed
  • naturally cleaned and coated
  • no chemicals

Not-Chemically Treated

Bejo cleaned and coated seed (CC)

  • conventionally produced seed
  • naturally cleaned
  • coated with a minimum of chemical crop protection additives

Basic Coating (BC)

Bejo organic seed (OS)

  • organically produced seed
  • naturally cleaned and coated
  • approved by the organic certification bodies


All seed forms can be further enhanced for example by pelleting, coating, priming and B-Mox®.

All Bejo seeds are premium-quality products which have undergone highly advanced testing, cleaning, sizing, calibration and physical treatment processes.