Wednesday, September 13, Bejo's new Plant Nursery at Trambaan 8 in Warmenhuizen was officially opened. A beautiful modern location that is fully equipped for the propagation and manual pollination of vegetable plants. It offers plenty of room for the growth and further development of the company. 

"With the team that will be working at this location we have officially inaugurated the building and greenhouses. From now on they can make steps in further expansion and professionalization of the activities" 

John-Pieter and Bert Schrijver
John-Pieter Schipper

Green activities  

The team of the Plant Nursery Department will sow and raise an estimated 15 million plants per year. These are mainly plants of test crosses that are later evaluated for desirable traits by our breeders, on our trial fields. In addition, plant raising is necessary for seed production and for planting of the demonstration fields. During the flowering period in spring, a team of specialized seasonal workers will work on crop pollination for the development of new trial crosses and parental lines. 


Moving forward with technology 

The complex has been built for the future and equipped with new technologies that ensure an optimal working environment for employees and the best conditions for plants. For example, irrigation booms for watering are equipped with CleanLight UV light that biologically protects plants against fungi, viruses and bacteria. Crop growth is supported by tailor made  LED light "recipes", which are adaptable for different times of the year and extends the season. High-pressure misting helps to control the optimal indoor climate. The 39 compartmentalized cells each have their own climate control system that can be set to the needs of the crop in that cell.    

Naturally, this facility more than meets current standards of sustainability, such as good insulation, use of heat pumps and solar panels. Much attention has been paid to efficient use and reuse of water. An ingenious example is that condensation from the greenhouse is collected to wash plant crates. In addition, the facility has been designed in a way where we can implement further sustainability, for example adding more heat pumps. Bejo plans to set up a climate street that connects the various buildings on the Trambaan in Warmenhuizen and between which hot and cold needs can be exchanged. The facilities at Trambaan 8 are already fully prepared for this. 


Interesting job for a team leader 

The building fits well into its rural surroundings, but still stands out in a subtle way. The triangular shapes were inspired by the Schoorl Dunes and the meandering West Frisian Zeedijk; well thought out by Studio Red from Tuitjenhorn. The overall complex has become impressive: in addition to the 2,500-square-meter building, the adjacent greenhouses cover 28,000 square meters. At the moment it is still very calm in the complex. The location will be put into use in phases, taking over the main activities of an outdated location in Warmenhuizen (Oudevaart). This process, and the further development of the activities is a wonderful task for an enthusiastic Team Leader for which we currently have a very interesting vacancy available. 

During the official opening there was of course special attention paid to thank colleagues and all partners, mostly from the Warmenhuizen area, who cooperated in the architecture, construction and furnishing of the complex. Thanks to all the expertise, professionalism and good cooperation, it was possible to toast to a wonderful result. 

Names of partners and (sub)contractors 


  • Design: Studio Red from Tuitjenhorn  
  • Structural engineer: Harder Construction & Consultancy from Heerhugowaard 
  • Construction: Meijer bouw from Warmenhuizen  
  • Mechanical installation: Klomp Technisch Bureau from Amsterdam 
  • Electrical installation: Electropartners Heerhugowaard 
  • Infrastructure: K. Dekker from Warmenhuizen 

Greenhouse complex:  

  • Contractor greenhouse: Maurice Kassenbouw from Horst 
  • Design supervision: DLVge Greenhouse Consultancy from Bleiswijk 
  • Electrical installation: Ateco from Wognum 
  • Concrete work: Contractor company R. & H. Beers from Heerhugowaard 
  • Water technical installation: Strooper Watertechniek from Heerhugowaard