Bejo’s varieties are distinctive in terms of taste and colour and perfect to explore new applications for crops, processing and consumption. We translate varieties to innovative vegetable concepts which fit perfectly in a time where traditional vegetables are increasingly appreciated as healthy and trendy food.

To generate attention for chain concepts, in a year where almost all events have been cancelled, Bejo has set up a campaign for its innovative vegetable concepts. This campaign will be supported by the themes taste, health and convenience, which Bejo promotes already for a longer time.

The kick-off of the campaign existed of a gift voucher, sent to several European chain partners (growers, traders, processors and retail). Via this voucher a choice could be made between three concepts: TriColore asparagus, Redi and snack carrot. Daniëlle Bruin, Food & Value Chain manager Bejo explains: “We would like to approach our customers in another way then all the online communication there is nowadays. The nicely designed gift voucher attracts attention and ends up at the right person. They can make a choice of one of three concepts online, via a QR code on a sort of credit card. The concept will be sent to the customer Mid-May. In this way we will have an extra contact moment with our partners. The orders for our innovative vegetable concepts are enormous. We didn’t expect to receive so many orders!”

The concepts to be chosen from are TriColore (tasteful three coloured asparagus), the new broccoli sensation Redi and the snack carrot, a selection of carrot varieties meeting the highest taste criteria. Each concept gives taste a tremendous boost and with that they perfectly fit in current consumption times. They are extremely suitable to increase vegetable consumption at which taste, health and convenience goes hand in hand. They are ideal for the modern consumer. Next to that, these vegetable concepts stand out on the shelf, inviting the consumer to try something new.

Besides the gift voucher the campaign consists of several news items, films, advertisements, social and online activities. Also our other innovative concepts, like Coolwrap®, Bejo Vegi bowl, Kohrispy kohlrabi snacks are getting attention. The campaign will last till the end of the year.