Although SeedCom was already part of the Bejo family, this will now also be officially recognized as their name will change to Bejo. Bejo is very proud of this step, which allows us to grow in the Nordic region.

For many years SeedCom has successfully represented Bejo and sold seeds of our varieties in Denmark. And, in agreement with Bejo strategy, they have started expanding in the Nordic region. Since September 1st,2023, SeedCom has expanded their business to Sweden. Here currently two colleagues are responsible for selling Bejo varieties and product- and market developments. Starting September 1st, 2024, Finland will also become part of Bejo Nordic.

These expansions have been the main reason to reconsider the naming of SeedCom. To lead these new business properly it will be more evident to be clearly recognized as a Bejo company in the market place. The go-to-market name for activities in this region will be Bejo Nordic.

This change brings numerous advantages, such as increase of awareness of the Bejo brand, more direct contact with customers as Bejo is now closer to the market. This allows us to position ourselves as the knowledge partner for the Nordic countries, facilitating the exchange of information from customers to our breeding department for the improvement of Bejo varieties.

In alignment with these changes, email addresses and website domains have been altered for further visibility. Please have a look on and for news, information on Bejo varieties and more! Later this year also will be launched, accompanied by a portal for the whole region:

To strengthen our market position and service to growers in the North West of Europe, Sweden and Finland will now fall under Denmark’s responsibility. Therefore, we renamed our Danish company from Seedcom to Bejo Nordic, to further strengthen the Bejo brand in the market. I wish the Bejo Nordic colleagues good luck and success under the new name and with their additional responsibilities. 

John-Pieter Schipper
CEO Bejo

Claus Bech and Henrik Jørgensen, Bejo Nordic, are adding:

Since the start of SeedCom in 2004, it has always been a part of the plan to become a 100% Bejo daughter company and in March 2022 this became reality. We have always felt and seen our self as a part of the Bejo family, and with the full integration we can now proudly refer to ourselves as Bejo employees!

We are all very enthusiastic about the developments in our market and see a huge possibility to come even more close to the vegetable growers in the Nordic countries.