Sharing knowledge about Bejo varieties with our colleagues and customers is extremely important. Since we can’t organize our Open Days this year, we have made plans for alternatives.  

Bejo will place her newest and recently launched varieties in the spotlight with online marketing and film. This will be supported with internal training days, so Bejo colleagues stay well informed of the latest developments and give specialised advice to our partners in the chain. 

Virtual Première Bejo Varieties   

To present our highlighted varieties to our customers, several crop/variety films will be made. The films will be published and promoted by an online campaign in week 38, 39 and 40. The focus is: the characteristics of our varieties and the opportunities they offer to the market, naturally focused on growers, plant raisers, dealers and industry. To lift a corner of the veil, varieties will be discussed in the crops, carrot, cabbage, onion, lettuce, gherkin and leek.  

What about our newest Nantes type Narvik; an early, slender and smooth variety with a good taste. Also, the white cabbage storage variety Axel (Bejo 3268) will be brought under the attention; this is a strong, healthy variety with a good yield. As well as Bowler: a uniform leek variety with a long shank, uniform and easy to clean.  

And of course, we will introduce some more varieties: so, follow the virtual ‘Première Bejo Varieties’ to be updated about the latest developments. 

Be prepared > #PBV20 

Be prepared > #PBV20