From November 15th until 17th, we organize ‘Exploring Bejo’s World’: our first multiple day virtual event. Bejo aims to share knowledge in the best possible way and is always looking for new methods to achieve this.  The program will be packed with live webinars by experts from the sector and educational movies.

Weren't you able to join our event, or do you want to watch a session again? Click on the links below.

Topic Link to video
How will the world of asparagus look like in 10 years?
New opportunities with Bejo's growing short day onion assortment
The Danish approach of organic farming
Leek, the added value of hybrid varieties
Will Kohlrabi conquer the European market?
Quality you cannot Beet: red beet discussed
Organic - presentation about (dis)advantages of strip cropping
Organic seed production
Market developments in carrots
All about Bejo Seed Quality
Redefining agriculture with an allround robot
Farmwise's advanced agricultural robot: a look into the future