We are delighted to once again be able to organise our Open Days in 2022. From Tuesday, 27 September to Saturday, 1 October, vegetable growers and business relations from around  the world will visit us in Warmenhuizen (The Netherlands) to become acquainted with our new varieties. This offers the unique opportunity to discuss developments, opportunities and challenges in the market, with the objective of growing tasty and healthy vegetables for consumers worldwide.

Discover promising new varieties

We are clearly focused on breeding robust varieties that under various climatic conditions generate high yields. Several new varieties were recently introduced to the market which generally have inbred disease resistance. For example, Cumbia, the new celery variety is resistant to Septoria and has excellent stem health. It is suitable for flow-pack, cutting plants and as sticks. And of course there is the yellow Highlander onion, the red Redlander onion and the Innovator shallot, all with high levels of resistance against mildew. These varieties have since proven themselves in the market for organic as well as conventional growers. As beet specialist we are introducing the Bazzu (Bejo 3395), a red beet with medium resistance to Rhizomania (IR: BNYVV). This beet is suitable for the fresh food market and for industry, where its good storability is beneficial. This variety has high tolerance against all kinds of foliage diseases. And finally there is the Nagoya carrot (Bejo 3265). An early, productive, cylindrical, very smooth Nantes that is highly resistant to cavity spot.


Inspiration for chain and consumer

We inspire growers and supply chain partners alike with new vegetable applications and innovative vegetable concepts. Flavour, health and convenience are a high priority in this respect and will be elaborately discussed with partners throughout the supply chain during the Open Days. We invest in flavour research in order to create a scientific basis for varieties with a clear flavour. Visitors can become acquainted with various varieties, such as Redi (purple sprouting broccoli) and the trendy CrispyCab flat cabbage concept. In addition, the spotlight will be on the attractive Purple Power varieties and attention will also be focused on kohlrabi. All of these varieties are perfectly consistent with current health trends and provide for an excellent (colourful) variety in the diet.

Innovations in Seed Technology

Innovative technology is indispensable for the development and production of new varieties. A strong variety starts with good genetics. During the Research Tour and with the help of an example of Chinese cabbage and the Fusarium fungi, it will become clear how resistance breeding works. The Seed Quality Tour follows the path covered by seed at Bejo after which it is ultimately supplied as a top quality seed to growers all over the world.

In addition to conventional varieties, the organic varieties are also shown in the demo fields, and there is an opportunity to view an ongoing trial involving the natural control of thrips in white cabbage, sprouts and leeks. In this year’s edition, mechanisation companies will once again demonstrate their latest innovations in the area of responsible solutions for the sector during the mechanisation exhibition.

Bees and Bejo: natural partners

Naturally, attention will also be devoted to bees. We invest in bees, on the one hand to safeguard natural pollination by healthy bee colonies on production fields, and on the other hand in the context of social interest. Our beekeepers are happy to tell visitors more about our bee breeding and bee health activities.

Working at Bejo

We offer great career opportunities within various disciplines, such as breeding, research, seed production, logistics, sales and in various corporate departments, such as HR, Finance and IT. Recent graduates, as well as others looking for a new challenge are more than welcome to register on our website werkenbijbejo.nl for a meeting without obligation with our HR colleagues during the Open Days. 

Useful Bejo Experience App

Our Bejo Experience app provides useful information during your visit to the Open Days, such as the location of various varieties in the demo fields. The app can be obtained from the Apple and Android stores.

The Bejo Open Days will take place by invitation for customers and business relations from Tuesday, 27 September to Friday, 30 September (09:00 - 17:00), inclusive, at Trambaan 2a in Warmenhuizen, the Netherlands. On Saturday, 1 October (09:00 - 16:00), family and neighbours are also welcome to visit us and discover Bejo.

Are you planning to visit the Bejo Open Days?

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