The annual Bejo Open Days will take place in Warmenhuizen from 24th to 28th September 2019. Vegetable growers and chain partners from all over the world will travel to the Netherlands for this event. As a vegetable seed specialist, together with our clients and business relationships we explore opportunities in the market and innovative research methods. We remain close to nature and develop the best vegetable varieties so that growers around the world can harvest healthy and tasty vegetables for consumers to enjoy. The Bejo Open Days present an excellent opportunity to discuss future opportunities, new possibilities and challenges with each other.   

Discover promising new varieties 

Various promising new varieties with improved external characteristics, disease resistance, storage quality and taste can be seen for the first time in the demonstration fields and in the product tent.  

In the innovative fruit crop tunnel, Bejo will present a varied assortment, including tomatoes, peppers and gherkins.  

Bejo invests in bees, on the one hand to safeguard the natural pollination by healthy bee colonies, and on the other hand in the context of social interest. Our beekeepers will be happy to tell you more about the activities in bee breeding and bee health.  

Appointments can be made with our HR advisers to discuss the possibilities of a future placement or a job at Bejo.   

Innovations in Seed Technology 

On Tuesday 24th and Thursday 26th September, Bejo will be holding the symposium ‘Exploring Seed, from seed to seedling’: an inspiring and informative programme about innovative technologies that are important for the first growth stage of a crop. Participation in the symposium is by invitation.  

Innovative technology is indispensable for the development and production of new varieties. During the Seed Quality tour, the importance and speed of development in this area will become clear. Bejo has invested in non-chemical seed treatment methods for many years, such as warm water treatment and steam vacuum treatment.  

A strong variety starts with good genetics. During the Research Tour we will take you on a research and development journey. With the help of a Chinese cabbage and the Fusarium fungi you will discover how resistance breeding works. 

Mechanisation companies will demonstrate their latest innovations in the area of responsible solutions for the sector during the mechanisation exhibition.

Vegetable concepts for the modern consumer 

Bejo inspires growers and partners from the chain with new applications through our innovative vegetable concepts. Flavour, health and convenience are the cornerstones of these vegetable concepts and provide the perfect opportunity for holding discussions with partners throughout the chain during the Open Days. Flavour is an important issue, and Bejo invests in research in order to substantiate varieties with added flavour scientifically. Besides the well-known concepts of Coolwrap, Kohrispy koolrabi snacks and Delicioni fresh onion, visitors will become familiar with the newcomers in the Purple Power concept.  

The Open Days will take place from Tuesday 24th September up to and including Saturday 28th September from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Saturday until 4 p.m.) at Trambaan 1 in Warmenhuizen, the Netherlands. On Saturday, neighbours, family and friends are also welcome to visit us and discover Bejo.