We are proud to announce that our shallot variety 'Innovator' has been nominated by European Seed as one of the 20 most innovative plant varieties over 2020. Read more about our nomination.

Innovator — Shallot

The shallot variety ‘Innovator’ was developed after years of breeding by De Groot en Slot, in cooperation with Bejo and is the first downy mildew resistant shallot from seed. It is a hybrid variety with a slightly longer bulb and a distinct colour, which is suitable for the long day areas. Downy mildew is a severe problem in production fields in many parts of the world. It infects the leaves of the shallot, eventually causing major losses in harvests or destroying crops completely. ‘Innovator’ is well suited to the organic market but is also very desirable for the conventional market, as it requires less crop protection. The variety offers very healthy propagation material as a shallot from seed, delivering a huge advantage compared to a shallot from set.