Narvik wins Best in Show award!

Last week Bejo’s early Nantes carrot variety Narvik was awarded the Best in Show. Narvik got the ‘John Birkenshaw award’ at the 2023 Demonstration Day, organised by the British Carrot Growers Association. During this demonstration show, attendees had the opportunity to taste 8 different varieties from various breeding companies. With an outstanding performance, look and refined taste Narvik was by far the best in show.

Narvik is a refined, cylindrical early Nantes with a very good taste, storage and washing quality. This carrot variety has strong, dark green upright foliage. It is suitable for overwintering climates like Italy and France, but also popular for storage in Norway for example. Also in the US, Narvik is performing very well. This early Nantes variety can be used in different countries. With its outstanding characteristics Narvik is responding to the market needs.

Area Crop Manager Robert Schilder says: “With its strong genetics, Narvik has an exceptional good taste. The last years we have done expert taste trials for carrot on a regular basis, which gives us insight in the best tasting varieties in our assortment, but also in our parent lines. So we can breed in all different carrot types for an excellent flavour. Next to taste, Narvik is an early Nantes variety which can be used for fresh market purposes, such as bunching carrot.

With its strong genetics, Narvik has an exceptional good taste

Robert Schilder
Aera Crop Manager

The breeders of Bejo are working on varieties for the future. Breeding robust varieties with disease resistance is high on the list of priorities. Narvik is intermediate resistant to cavity spot, alternaria radicina and cercospora.

As carrot is a worldwide known vegetable, the varieties can be used in every dish at any moment of the day. The possibilities are huge and so for Narvik!

Would you like to know more about our award winning Narvik variety, please contact your local Bejo representative.