Natuna: a reliable variety worldwide

Crop Managers agree, Natuna is a reliable choice for growers worldwide due to its high yields, high-quality products, and uniformity. This variety is most noticeably valuable and welcomed addition to our growers worldwide. This has caused a rapid increase in demand for the carrot variety Natuna, as both internal and external factors play a major role in this. It is time to ask some specialists about the cause of this positive trend.

Area Western-Europe: Natuna thrives well under warm and dry conditions 

Climate change is increasing the demand for strong and robust varieties of carrots due to higher temperatures and longer periods of drought. Robert Schilder, Area Crop Manager in Western Europe, states, "We observe that there is increasing demand for continental root types, where previously northern genetics were used. In Western Europe, these include Sweden, Finland and Southern Poland.” Schilder continues, “Natuna is a continental Nantes type and therefore thrives well under warm and dry conditions. Due to climate change, countries are increasingly experiencing these weather conditions, which is why we see the demand for the root variety Natuna growing strongly in those areas.” The variety is popular among both conventional and organic growers because of its strong resistance to traditions diseases such as alternaria and cercospora. This is a big advantage for organic growers. It allows conventional growers to use little or no crop protection, as well as less fertilizer. This saves time, money and is also sustainable. 


Area Eastern-Europa: keeps well and high yields 

Many countries throughout Eastern Europe are recognizing the need to adopt this Natuna variety due to its flourishing development seen in regions throughout Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, and Greece. René Ballast, Area Crop Manager in Eastern Europe, adds, “We are also seeing a shift in the northern countries of Eastern Europe where growers previously opted for the late Nantes types, now they are increasingly choosing the continental types.” Ballast continues, “But that is not the only reason Natuna is in such high demand among growers in Eastern Europe. Growers also notice how well Natuna keeps, as the variety is beautifully smooth with a conical/cylindrical shape along with producing many kilos. Overall, the filling and uniformity of the variety ensure high yields.”

Natuna is a continental Nantes type and therefore thrives well under warm and dry conditions.

Robert Schilder
Area Crop Manager in Western Europe

Area Americas: perfect balance of uniformity, quality and productivity 

Already being well versed in growing conditions with higher temperatures and longer periods of drought, Area Crop Manager Americas, Kevin van Schaik says, “In Central and South America, Natuna has been a very popular variety for years.” van Schaik explains: Nantes types are especially popular in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Natuna stands out because the variety has the perfect balance of uniformity, quality, and productivity. In addition, it is strong against breakage and cracks accompanied by nice skin quality that allows us to see that it is still remains high quality, even after washing and packing. These properties have a positive effect on pack-out. 


Natuna also available as an organic variety 

Maxime Viel, Crop Specialist Carrot, Bejo France, says: "Natuna is also available organically and is one of the top three organic seeds in France. It exceeds the expectations of the organic market. Growers and packers grow it mainly on sandy soils. Natuna is a strong organic variety with characteristics such as a nice smooth root, good yields especially in soft soil, as well as outstanding storability and field durability.”

Carrots Natuna