A new and unique variety of broccoli is set to hit supermarket shelves in the UK this month. The world’s first ‘Burgundy Broccoli’ is set to shake up the market and give consumers the first ever whole head purple broccoli that is so tender that you can eat the entire product.

Less overall waste, more taste, essential nutrients and antioxidants

Burgundy Broccoli is completely edible and is tender throughout meaning it doesn’t need to be floreted, unlike your typical broccoli varieties. No need to remove the crown and stem – they can be all be eaten whole along with the head, either raw or cooked, depending on preference!

Not only does Burgundy Broccoli mean less overall waste, but its purple sprouting broccoli bloodline means superior taste, as well as providing essential nutrients and antioxidants. 

One of the largest producers of vegetables in the UK, Staples Vegetables Ltd is the only grower across the UK responsible for developing and harvesting the new variety, having trialled the new product over the last two years. A family business going back three generations, Staples Vegetables Ltd is one of the biggest vegetable producers in the UK and occupies an ideal location for brassica production on the Lincolnshire Fens, which is home to alkaline soil and nutrient rich earth. 

It’s a unique product that the public has never been able to enjoy before

George Read - Staples Vegetables Ltd.

A labour of love

Burgundy Broccoli grower George Read of Staples Vegetables Ltd, said: “Burgundy Broccoli has been developed through a labour of love! It’s a unique product that the public has never been able to enjoy before. Deliciously tender throughout and boasting a superior taste, Burgundy Broccoli will add vibrancy to your shopping basket and inspire your cooking – and the fact it is harvested whole means no more waste!” 

Following a successful trial with a leading retailer last year, Burgundy Broccoli will be available in selected major UK supermarkets from October.

For recipe inspiration about cooking with Burgundy Broccoli visit INSPIRATION.


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