On Monday, July 1st, the International Bremia Evaluation Board for the EU (IBEB-EU) officially designated a new race of Bremia, Bl:36EU, in lettuce. Several test on the Bejo lettuce assortment have shown that our commercial varieties with resistance to Bl:16-35EU are also resistant to Bremia Bl:16-36EU. 

Bremia, also known as downy mildew (Bremia lactucae), is one of the most destructive diseases in lettuce. Therefore it is important for growers to use lettuce varieties that have resistance to this pathogen.  

Gerhard Voelkel, Bejo’s Crop Manager for lettuce, says: “We are happy that all our lettuce varieties with resistance Bl:16-35EU, have been proven to be resistant to Bl:16-36EU. Our assortment in Iceberg, Batavia, Butterhead and Babyleaf in general demonstrates strong resistances. We will continue breeding for the best possible Bremia resistances as a main focus for the next generation of lettuce varieties.”  

Please ask your local representative for more information about our lettuce varieties and resistances.

Read the full press release from Plantum.