After a very good start in 2017, last two days the Organic Field Days in Kassel were organized again.

The fair is very well visited and it seems it reached about 10.000 visitors in two days. That we noticed at our stand as we got many interested visitors. We see an increase of international attention for this fair, even from Asia. Very logical as you take a look at the potential of this event. Bram Weijland, Bejo’s Organic Coordinator, says “These field days are very interesting for organic growers as everything is coming together in one exhibition, from seed to machinery demonstrations to green manure crops. There is a lot to see and a grower can compare the differences between varieties very well.”

Oko Feldtage

we are working to fulfill the need with more crops and organic varieties every year…

Pieter Gabriëls

Bejo participated for the second time, but this year as bronze sponsor. Therefore Bejo had two locations of which one with a demonstration field to show organic Lettuce, Kohlrabi, Onions and Carrots. Pieter Gabriëls, director of Bejo Germany: We are very pleased with the excellent organization and facilities that were offered when participating in this organic field days. As the demand for organic seeds increases, we are working to fulfill this need with more crops and organic varieties every year. We are happy to have the possibility at this fair to inform growers about our products.”