Bejo is happy to announce that we have added lettuce to our broad organic assortment. The new offering begins with well-known, high-performing varieties from our lettuce range. Popular in Western Europe, these varieties include Rumours in Iceberg and Agribel in Batavia. Other varieties will follow soon.

All these varieties demonstrate strong levels of resistance, including the combination of resistances Bl:16-33EU and Nr:0, which is currently showing excellent resistance results in the market. Effective resistance is very important for lettuce growers in general, and is essential for organic farming.

Bart Kuin, Business Manager Organics: “Our ambition is to provide growers with a wide choice of robust organic varieties that are a perfect fit for organic cultivation. For the development of these varieties we make maximum use of our extensive genetics base. These beautiful new introductions in the lettuce segment show our dedication, and I am very pleased that we now have organic lettuce seed available as an option for growers for the organic market.“

The most recent growing season yielded a successful seed crop, and from April onwards organic seed of these varieties will be available for sale.

In the meantime we are working for the future on organic seed for other varieties, also in Lollo, Oakleaf and Babyleaf. Pending positive seed production, new varieties can be expected in one year’s time.

Sustainable cultivation with a high yield, exceptional product quality and - ultimately - healthy and tasty food; it all starts with the best organic seeds of the best varieties, RIGHT from the START.

Batavia Agribel: standard variety for summer in northern Europe, compact size, very dense and flexible leaves. HR: Bl:16-33EU, Nr:0, IR: LMV1

Iceberg Rumours: medium size Iceberg for fresh market, suitable for spring and autumn, very dark green colour. HR: Bl:16-33EU, Nr:0, IR: LMV1