Sharing knowledge about Bejo varieties with our colleagues and customers is vital. Since we can’t organize our Open Days this year, we are promoting our newest and recently launched varieties online. Follow the virtual ‘Première Bejo Varieties’ to be updated about the latest developments.

Bejo offers a continuously growing organic assortment of 50 crops and more than 190 varieties. Every year we select the best performing varieties for our organic assortment. In this article we would like to highlight the new organic varieties of this year.

Fennel – Dragon
New in the organic Fennel assortment is the variety Dragon, a beautiful round variety that is very strong against bolting. A strong addition to the organic assortment as this variety fits in difficult summer conditions. It prefers soils with a good water holding capacity.  Because of its strong skin Dragon has a long shelf life. Suitable for spring, summer and early autumn cultivation. 
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Fennel variety Dragon

Radicchio Rosso - Raffaello
Radicchio or red chicory is appreciated for its wide range of use in salads. Another strong point is the shelf life which is much longer than e.g. lettuce. New in the organic Radicchio assortment is the variety Raffaello, with large, flatround heads in a deep red colour. It endures postponement of harvest very well. The variety is maturing between Rossini and Corelli, offering improved quality in the transition from summer to autumn production.  A very productive type for harvest in late autumn
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Radicchio Rosso variety Raffaello

Zucchini - Ladoga
New in the organic Zucchini assortment is the variety Ladoga. It produces a dark green cylindrical fruit shape and has a nice upright growing habit that facilitates easy harvesting. It has a good shelf live and a high degree of field tolerance to viruses, mildew and fruit blight. A robust, mid early, high yielding variety suitable for Northern Europe.
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Zucchini variety Ladoga

Organic lettuce assortment
In addition to Iceberg and Batavia lettuce Bejo is expanding its organic lettuce assortment further with Butterhead, Lollo and Babyleaf. The new introductions, six in total, have shown very good results themselves to be a strong addition to the Bejo lettuce assortment during last season in Netherlands and abroad. All varieties in our organic lettuce program are resistant to Bremia BL:16-36EU.
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Other new organic varieties
Besides the above highlighted varieties we are also introducing the varieties listed below. Feel free to have a look and be informed about thei opportunities!

If you have any questions about these varieties, please contact your Bejo specialist.