On Saturday, April 17th, the winner of the tastiest asparagus of Brabant contest was announced. Walter and Ton Gubbels from Gubbels Asperges in Helvoirt were the lucky one. They won the prestigious taste title of the ‘Brabants Aspergegenootschap’ for the third time. The beautiful family business at the edge of the Loonse and Drunense Duinen has been growing asparagus for 5 generations. All colours of asparagus are grown at their 45-hectare company: white, green and purple.

The two brothers also won the title in 2005 and 2013. ‘’Every year it’s exciting,’’ says Walther. ‘’This year we prepared and tasted some varieties to choose which one we would be submitting. In the end, my daughter Stephanie’s choice was decisive: we decided to send in the Prius variety.’’ This turned out to be a golden move, because Prius from Gubbels Asperges scored the highest score of all 32 entries on each of the various assessment criteria (visual aspect, bite, taste/ smell, aftertaste)!

The excellent taste isn’t the only quality they are extremely satisfied with at Gubbels Asperges. ‘’Prius is very early and productive, gives a good sorting and is also a very good-looking asparagus,’’ according to Ton Gubbels.

The winning asparagus were planted in 2018 on a plot that was previously raised with heavier soil that contains a lot of organic matter. Therefore, it may not be the earliest plot, but it does ensure nice and stable growth. This benefits the taste and quality of the asparagus. The fact that harvesting was started later was partly due to the cold spring: the harvest under mini tunnels only started on March 29th.

‘’Prius is an all-rounder: the earliest productive variety with good quality, sorting and taste!’’

Pascal Staaks
Pascal Staaks

Maud den Os and Pascal Staaks, Bejo’s representatives, were of course present with a delicious cake and some flowers to congratulate the winners! Maud den Os: ‘’ We are very happy for Ton and Walther and it’s verry unique that their name will be on the trophy for the 3rd time! A nice boost and positive publicity will certainly benefit the sales in their beautiful farmer shop.

Walter and Ton are very satisfied with the Bejo varieties and they have planted a lot of them during the last years. At the moment the entire Bejo range is represented at their company: Prius, Cumulus, Cygnus (all white), Canticus (green) and the purple asparagus Erasmus.

‘’In 2013 we were also visiting Gubbels Asperges to congratulate them with the winning variety Cumulus. This variety had won the title 7 times in a row. The fact that ‘the tastiest’ is now being won by the relatively new Prius shows that Bejo attaches great importance to taste and presentation in the breeding of asparagus varieties,’’ says Pascal Staaks. ‘’Prius is an all-rounder: the earliest productive variety with good quality, sorting and taste!’’