The Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin was very successful for Bejo. We presented our range of colourful tasty asparagus, which was warmly received by visitors and the press. The stand and entrance North also highlighted the red mildew resistant onion Redlander (nominated for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2019), Purple Power, the innovative vegetable concepts and the seed enhancing formula B-Mox. Of course, we also paid attention to RIGHT from the START, the organic programme by Bejo.

Erasmus: purple salad asparagus

The asparagus event at the stand attracted a lot of interested visitors. Maurice Deben and Günter Hugenberg gave a short presentation to give all those present a good understanding of Bejo’s asparagus programme and product range. Concluding with “we colour up your asparagus sales”, Maurice and Günter launched the start of a networking opportunity and the tasting of the asparagus varieties. “We want to inspire today’s consumers with different colours and different flavours”, Maurice explains. “The Erasmus, for example, is a salad asparagus, just like the TriColore. Thanks to the short preparation time, it fits nicely into modern eating habits”.

All interested visitors were able to taste the purple salad asparagus Erasmus, the colourful TriColore - a white flavour asparagus Cumulus cultivated as a green asparagus and harvested just 10 centimetres under the ground, resulting in a combination of white, green and purple in one stalk - but also the white Cumulus asparagus, the green asparagus Bacchus (anthocyanin-free) and Magnus in their purest form and to experience the delicious flavour for themselves. The promotion of the colourful tasty asparagus was supported by recipes.

Redlander, nominated for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award

The nomination of the red mildew resistant onion Redlander resulted in a stream of communication. The reduced use of pesticides and the sustainable nature in particular are true selling points; in addition, the onion also tastes good and is suitable for different forms of use.

Inspiring concepts

Bejo inspired customers further down the chain with Purple Power (more than 40 available varieties in 15 crops) and innovative vegetable concepts such as Coolwrap (cabbage rolls), Kohrispy (kohlrabi snacks) and Cool Carrot Candy (snack carrots). Flavour, health and convenience are the cornerstones of these vegetable concepts and the Fruit Logistica trade fair is an important moment for discussion with partners throughout the chain. Flavour is an important issue and Bejo invests in flavour research, in order to substantiate varieties with an added flavour scientifically. An example of this is carrots, according to Christine Jong. During Future Lab, she gave a fascinating presentation about “It’s a matter of taste”. Bejo believes that varieties with special flavour characteristics are the future.

Bejo met with their immediate customers, such as growers and plant raisers and also welcomed traders, processors and retail organisations. The stand offered opportunities to discuss other crops and varieties in addition to the previously mentioned items. Visitors were surprised by the varied range on offer. We can conclude that the Fruit Logistica trade fair was a very good and inspiring event.