During Fruit Logistica 2019 in Berlin, Bejo will highlight ‘Purple Power’, its range of brightly coloured vegetables with high nutritional content. The newest star is Erasmus, the world’s first 100 percent male*, purple asparagus. Suitable for growing in cold and intermediate areas, the Erasmus variety is sweet enough to be eaten uncooked. Primarily marketed for raw use in salads, it is also excellent when sautéed, stir-fried or barbecued. Erasmus has a very different market position from Europe’s familiar white and green asparagus, which is usually eaten boiled or steamed. Bejo will profile the new vegetable through flavourful, fast recipes that will appeal to young consumers with a healthy lifestyle.

Along with purple asparagus, we will feature white, green, and green anthocyanin-free varieties with the theme ‘Colourful tasting Asparagus’, also aimed at promoting asparagus to younger consumers.  Bejo invites all those interested to attend our pitch ‘We Colour up Your Asparagus Sales’ on Wednesday, February 6, at 15:00 and Thursday, February 7, at 14:00. Don’t miss this chance to see and try our new introductions!

It’s matter of taste

Where exactly does flavour come from? How much influence do we have over flavour in open field vegetables? What makes consumers choose healthier vegetables and what role does taste play in that decision? Christine Jong, Area Business Manager Western Europe, will give an enlightening presentation on the subject during ‘Future Lab’ on Wednesday, 6 February at 14:00 in Hall 26.

Organic right from the start

Bejo has expanded its broad organic assortment even further this year by adding lettuce. First to be introduced are well-known, high-performing varieties that are popular in Western Europe: Times, Rumours (Iceberg), Antedis, Malis (Butterhead) and Agribel, Sementel (Batavia). These varieties display strong resistance to downy mildew (Bl:16-35EU) and lettuce aphids (Nr:0) and have shown outstanding results in the market. Effective resistance is extremely important for lettuce growers in general and is essential for organic growing. With these new additions to our organic range, Bejo gives growers the option of working even more sustainably by using seed that is organic - RIGHT from the START. 


Of course Bejo will also bring its innovative vegetable concepts to Fruit Logistica. Well known by now, Coolwrap white cabbage is a great example of a concept in which a new variety was developed  together with recipes and suggestions for how to use it at the table. Online and offline communications and support through various supermarket promotions have made Coolwrap a culinary and market success. New developments in carrot flavour include varieties such as Adana, Mokum, Rainbow, White Satin, Ibiza and Purple Sun, all part of the snack carrot concept Cool Carrot Candy. Kohrispy kohlrabi snacks, Delicioni fresh onions, and Krunchelly celery sticks will also be on display at the Bejo stand.


A team of specialists will be waiting to share our expertise with you at stand B-15 in Hall 1.2. Come visit us to hear about the latest market and product developments and to find out how our concepts and varieties can add value to your vegetable growing operation.

Exploring nature never stops

* We breed only 100% male varieties, which do not develop berries in the foliage growth period. This means that all energy accumulated in the foliage is returned to the roots, which leads to higher yield in the following harvest season.