One of Bejo’s pillars during Fruit Logistica 2024 in Berlin is the presentation of B-Mox® improved priming for onion seed. Next to this launch you can experience the dynamic journey from seed to produce, be informed about innovation in the field of breeding and interesting concepts. Bejo focuses on all partners: growers and traders, processing companies and retail. 

B-Mox® improved priming for onion seed 
To produce a healthy, uniform crop it is important that young plants get a strong start. That is why researchers and specialists at Bejo have developed the innovative B-Mox® seed enhancing technology. B-Mox® enhances the power of the seed, stimulating its growth at the earliest stage and improving the vigour of the plant. Throughout the growing period, plants demonstrate improved stress tolerance and better overall health as a result of a more fully developed root system. This provides the grower with reduced risks during the vulnerable early growth phase of the plant, more stress tolerant plants, and higher yields. B-Mox® improved priming is also available for carrot and rooted parsley. 

Innovation in robust varieties 
As a leading seed breeding company, Bejo recognizes the need for constant evolution to produce high quality genetics. The stand will feature several promising new varieties. Each variety has improvements in disease resistance, storage quality, external appearance and taste. This will include Bazzu, a red beet with intermediate resistance to rhizomania (IR: BNYVV). Also, our new endive varieties Savalia (Bejo 3222), Kimolos (Bejo 3581) and Krokos (Bejo 3582) are presented. 

Visitors will also get the opportunity to see a film that gives a good example of what Bejo does to deliver high-quality seed to the grower. 

Bejo’s organic assortment grows ever stronger 

The demand for organic seeds is still growing. Bejo offers a continuously growing organic assortment - currently over 35 crops and more than 160 varieties –, including, zucchini Onega and fennel Dragon.  

With our organic seeds we contribute to a sustainable supply chain of healthy and tasty food, RIGHT from the START. 

Don’t miss our concepts! 

Millennials are increasingly choosing tasty and healthy options, and Bejo responds with Redi®, one of the latest vegetable concepts perfectly aligned with this audience. This tender broccoli fits well into the current 'no food waste' movement, as both the stems and broccoli florets are edible. Under the Purple Power concept, Bejo introduces purple vegetables with a high nutrient content, providing consumers with a healthy boost. Among these is the purple kohlrabi, Konstance, versatile for various uses such as julienne in salads, snacks, or wok dishes. 

In addition to new vegetable concepts, Bejo offers previously introduced innovative concepts for partners in the vegetable chain. Attention is maintained for snack varieties in carrot, kohlrabi, and celery, offering a delicious vegetable option at any time of the day. 

Meet the specialists 
A team of specialists awaits visitors at Bejo's stand C-13 in Hall 1.2. Explore the latest market and product developments and discover how Bejo's concepts and varieties can add value to your vegetable growing operation. 

Exploring nature never stops