Bejo’s purple sprouting broccoli project wins Innovation Hub 2020 in the Fresh Product category, after competing against nine other projects. 

On Tuesday 26 October, the Fresh Product category of Innovation Hub 2020 was held virtually. Ten finalists competed for this prize, which is awarded every year to the most innovative product of the fair; REDI was the winner as decided by a panel of judges comprising experts from the food and agriculture sector, such as: Francisco Javier Maté Caballero, Deputy Director General of Food Quality Control and Agri-food Laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA); Rubén Moratiel, Ceigram-UPM researcher; Gonzaga Ruíz de Gauna, Manager of Biovegen; Camino Arroyo, Deputy Director General of Fruit and Vegetables and Vitiviniculture of MAPA, and Luis B. Martín Martín, Head of the Technical Department of FEPEX.

REDI is a unique, comprehensive and new product that is the result of a development arising from over 15 years of research resulting in a short season, tender-stem, purple sprouting broccoli that can be produced all year round on the Iberian Peninsula.

REDI is endorsed by the CSIC as a superfood with a three-year study led by Doctor Juana Frías, in which it is evident that the advantage of the purple colouring is not just its attractiveness, but also the nutritional values which provide much higher levels of anti-oxidant activity and anthocyanin values compared with green varieties.

REDI’s short season allows it to be produced 365 days a year in Spain, thus making it local produce. REDI has also caught the interest of countries in the north and centre of Europe for marketing in winter and is an opportunity for farmers and supermarkets as it is suitable for farming ecologically as well as conventionally.

The novelty of the product does not end there; Bejo is considering REDI packaging with 100% recyclable materials and plastic-free, in harmony with current demand; packaging decorated with the faces of different personalities for children to collect.

In conclusion, a revolution in the snack world thanks to it being: a new vegetable with a more pleasant taste than conventional broccoli; easy to cook with endless possibilities for cuisine, it is liked by many well-known chefs who have successfully tried it; a healthier, more nutritious and environmentally friendly format. In short, a “super finger food”.

REDI is a unique, comprehensive and new product that is the result of a development arising from over 15 years of research