We are proud to announce that our purple sprouting broccoli 'Redi' has been nominated by European Seed as one of the 20 most innovative plant varieties over 2020. Read more about our nomination.

Redi — Broccoli

The broccoli variety ‘Redi’ is a true sensation. It is a revolutionary concept, based on the variety Burgundy, and aimed at the consumer vegetable market. The variety combines healthy nutrition with an exceptional flavour in an original way. This purple sprouting broccoli, comprising tender stalks topped with a small floret, whose unique features bring colour and originality to any dish. It is a flavourful, healthy, and eye-catching broccoli in a sustainable packaging. Thanks to high levels of naturally produced glucosinolate compounds, Vitamin C and antioxidant activity, this variety is an extremely healthy vegetable. Its colour provides more antioxidant compounds than green broccoli, which consolidates and boosts its power as a functional food. Next to that, it is the first one-cut hybrid purple sprouting broccoli variety. The variety was bred by Bejo, in cooperation with Elsoms.