New varieties

Bejo introduces new varieties in several crops every year. New insights from customers, business contacts and the market enable us to develop new vegetable varieties and improve existing ones, so growers all over the world can harvest healthy, tasty vegetables.

Pointed headed cabbage Bejo 3518

With nice, closed top, healthy and good standing ability in the field. Strong for storage, remaining its bright green colour also after storage. 
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Celeriac Carla (Bejo 3538)

Highly suitable for the fresh market (1kg) and long storage. A round, smooth celeriac with low root attachment. Easy to harvest with good internal quality.

Red beet Rhizu (Bejo 3557)

Our latest introduction, Pablo type with intermediate resistance to Rhizomania (IR: BNYVV). This beautifully round variety produces beets with a uniform shape. It has an intense deep red colour as well as a smooth skin. It responds very well to high density sowings and has a small leaf attachment and taproot

Carrot Nagasaki

A nice cylindrical variety, suited to an early sowing window (few days later than Napoli). Smooth and strong against green shoulders, excellent tops and a good standing ability in the field.


Iceberg Cherice

A new spring variety for Northern Europe, suited to an early sowing window, medium size with flat base, round shape and flat ribs, good vigour and excellent leaf wrap. With high resistance to Bremia (Bl: 29-40EU).

NEW promising varieties in Endive!

Bejo launches two varieties in the curly type, Bejo 3581 (autumn type) and Bejo 3582 (early winter type) and one variety in the smooth type: Bejo 3222. These new varieties are primarily aimed at the French, Italian and Spanish markets and highly suitable for the fresh market and the processing industry. This launch completes our assortment of leafy crops, raising our profile as a salad producer and knowledge partner.


Bejo 3581

Well filled curly type for autumn, early winter. Variety both for fresh market and due to the good curliness suitable for industry. Vigorous plant that can reach good size and weight.


Bejo 3582

Productive curly type, with upright plant type. Adaptable for autumn, early winter growing conditions. Shows a good field standability.


Bejo 3222

Endive variety with about 55 growing days, smooth type. Good quality and yielding head.

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