Bejo invests heavily in onion breeding. Our extensive range of varieties contains brown, white and red onions, specifically suitable to different day lengths and climate zones. In addition, our range comprises the most important varieties grown worldwide. Together with De Groot en Slot B. V. we are working on an even better assortment to meet the demands placed by growers, processors and consumers. Disease and pest resistance is naturally given top priority. The investments made in this area have produced interesting results - we were the very first breeding company to introduce mildew resistant onion varieties to the market. The onion is a universal product and has an amazing range of types, each with its own characteristic flavour, shape and cultivation region. Common types include American, Spanish, Japanese, Stuttgarter, Grano and Rijnsburger onions. Onions are used to add flavour and crunch to dishes in virtually all the cuisines of the world.