Patience and dedication. Those qualities are at the heart of Bejo’s work in developing new vegetable varieties. Our goal is to ensure that our customers will still be growing healthy crops, and that consumers will have access to plentiful, healthy food, years from today. To this end Bejo works to achieve varieties that grow well in a range of climates, that are disease-resistant, and that are rich in nutritional value.

As a family business, Bejo is a unique position to plan and invest for the future. We like to say that it is in our genes to think in the long term, while also caring for each other in daily life. It’s what gives us our strong sense of responsibility to our employees, our partners in the chain, and the environment.

We are involved in many projects around the world to support and professionalize smallholder farmers. With our bee program we help sustain populations of these vital pollinators. In Guatemala we educate the farmers of the future with the ‘Fundación Centro Educativo Agrícola’. Through our organic program we gain valuable information on sustainable growing techniques and seed cleaning technologies to optimize seed for a healthy crop. Our True Potato Seed breeding program will especially benefit growers in Africa, Asia and Central America and may considerably improve the food supply in these regions.

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Bejo acts from a strong sense of responsibility to its employees, its partners in the
chain and the environment

Respect and support for the environment and people: