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Carrot cup cake

Carrot cupcake

Start your breakfast with a tasty carrot cupcake!

Ingredients: Walnut flour, 1 Egg, a little oil (olive or coconut), small teaspoon of coffee, cinnamon, vanillin, nutmeg, 100 g walnut, 100 g raisin, 150 g fresh grated carrots, 80 g fructose or coconut sugar

Topping: Creamy cream-chis is based on cheese Philadelphia. (with fructose or coconut sugar and a little bit cream)

Preparation: mix all ingredients, bake 20-25 min on 180 ˚C

carrot lollipop

Carrot lollipops

A carrot sweet, ready to enjoy!

Ingredients: 300 gr of carrots, 300 gr of sugar, 150 ml orange juice, 3 tablespoons lemon juice

Preparation: Finely grate the carrots. Put the orange juice, lemon juice and sugar in a saucepan. Start making the syrup at low heat. Add the grated carrots, cook over low heat, let it simmer until the liquid is completely evaporated. Put this mixture in a colander, with a bowl underneath to collect the rest of the liquid (syrup). Let drain to finally have a dry mixture. Cool back to room temperature. Make by hand small balls of the mixture, stitch a small ball on a stick, and coat them with the syrup collected earlier in the bowl. Keep the lollipops a few hours in refrigerator to harden.

sncak carrot

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